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Revolutionize Your Kitchen with Shiv Shakti: Where Innovation Meets Elegance!

Shiv Shakti Appliances welcomes you to the world of enhanced and delightful Appliances. Our exclusive range of exquisitely crafted kitchen appliances are sleek, stylish, durable and high on performance. Shiv Shakti Appliances wide range of Modular Kitchen, Interior Designs are inspired by aesthetically pleasing ‘Italian designs’ and European craftsmanship.

You are most welcome within the official website of Shiv Shakti Appliances. we are a pioneer destination to get Water Purifiers, Chimneys, Cooktops, Hobs, Built in Microwave ovens, Built in Ovens, Dishwashers, Water Heaters, Air Condition Installation & Selles services in Kolkata, India . while not going here and there, if you contact us along with your would like of technical solutions, surely, you may feel glad with the standard of technical services from us. We tend to be here to provide you affordable and quicker technical solutions, which will cause you to feel overwhelmed. old and passionate technicians and engineers are the people to blame of offering you the very best standard technical solutions. Therefore, you may get the most delighting expertise all the days.

"Success is not just about reaching the destination; it's about enjoying the journey and the lessons learned along the way."
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“Life is a journey of continuous growth, where every experience shapes our understanding of the world and ourselves. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and cherish the moments of growth, for they are the essence of our existence.”


"Shiv Shakti Appliances has exceeded my expectations with their exceptional range of kitchen solutions. From the powerful suction of their Marvel range hoods to the precise control of the Hazel cooktops, each product reflects their dedication to excellence. I highly recommend Shiv Shakti Appliances for anyone seeking top-notch kitchen appliances."
Mrinal Mandal
"I'm impressed with the quality of Shiv Shakti's kitchen chimney. It's a must-have for every kitchen!"
Koyel Das
"Shiv Shakti Appliances has truly set a benchmark in the industry with their commitment to excellence. I'm proud to be a part of the Shiv Shakti Appliances family and look forward to many more culinary adventures with their innovative and reliable products."
Animesh Paul
"Furthermore, their customer service is exceptional, always ready to assist with any queries or concerns. I couldn't be happier with my purchases from Shiv Shakti Appliances. They've truly made a difference in my home."
Payal Agarwal
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